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  • Đầu báo Gas GST C-9602
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Đầu báo Gas GST C-9602

Mã Sản phẩm: C-9602

Hãng sản xuất: GST

Xuất xứ: China

Trọng lượng: Đang cập nhật

Mô tả sản phẩm:

C-9602LW Conventional Gas Detector is 
wall-mounted, designed to check and monitor 
the gas of leakage in such applications as 
houses, hotels and apartments. 
1. Operating Voltage:187VAC~253VAC 
2. Power Consumption: 
Standby State≤3.0 W 
Alarm State≤5.0 W 
3. Output capacity and control mode: 
Voltage contact: For 12VDC one-way pulse 
solenoid, whose driving capability is 1000µF 
capacitance discharge. 
Volt-free contact: Volt-free normally open 
contact, its capacity is 220V/1A used for 
controlling connected devices. 
4. Alarm Density: 
Natural Gas: 3000×10-6
Liquefied Petroleum Gas: 2000×10-6
Coal Gas: 400×10-6
5. Indicator: 
Power LED: Green, flashes in warm-up state 
and then constantly lights. 
Alarm/Fault LED: Dual color. It’s red when 
alarming, and yellow in fault. 
6. Buzzer: It sounds twice every second when 
alarming, and once every three seconds in 
7. Self Test: Pressing Self-Test, the LEDs will 
flash in turn and the buzzer will sound three 
8. Life of Sensor: 5 years 
9. Operating Environment: 
Temperature: -10℃~ +50℃ 
Relative Humidity≤95%, non condensing 
10. Dimension: 121mm×87mm×47mm 
11. Ingress Protection Rating: IP30 
12. Material and Color of Enclosure: 
ABS, ivory white 
13. Weight: 320g 
14. Mounting Hole Distance: 15mm

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